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In September of 2008, my 7th daughter Samara was born 9 weeks early. 4 weeks later, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. My self-therapy in learning to fully embrace her diagnosis involved designing t-shirts that portrayed Down Syndrome in a positive light. It is from this that my business, designing disability awareness products, has grown.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. I am speechless.

I just received this email from our church:

Hi there Carolyn

How are you all! I understand you have had a busy month or so with moving and travel etc. I hope you have all been keeping well with the number of viruses doing the rounds also. 

I just wanted to update you briefly on some changes in Nexus Kids should you be planning to come back to visit Nexus again soon. 

In response to our increased general attendance on a Sunday in Kids Church, and therefore needing to respond to the ministry growth with more leaders and team, we have had to review our policy for the children with additional needs who attend on a Sunday. We have a number of families already who this applies to. I wanted to let you know of our change in policy as it does effect Samara's attendance in Nexus Kids. 

Under these new arrangements the family of the child (with additional needs) will be required to provide a 1 on 1 carer / assistant to be present (for the entire service) with the child attending Nexus Kids. A child deemed to fall into this category is one who: 
  • Has additional needs (behavioural, physical, social, health, developmental etc) that require 1 on 1 supervision for their entire time in our program;
  • Has needs (behavioural, physical, social, health, developmental etc) that require special care, management skills, training, knowledge and capability outside of those skills and capability that our volunteer team are equipped with.      
The carer to be supplied by the family has to be either a:
  • Parent of the child 
  • Full time carer of the child 
  • Blue Carded adult (supplied by the family)  
The carer would attend to their child only, and work with the Nexus Kids Team to ensure their child is included in the larger groups teaching and activities.   

We want to ensure every child that attends Nexus Kids has a fun and safe experience and we recognise that a supervision strategy and additional needs policy needs to be in place to ensure that can happen. 

I am very happy to chat about it if you would like. 

Kind regards


I can't even begin to respond to this. I guess God only wants volunteers to be there for those who have an easy life.