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In September of 2008, my 7th daughter Samara was born 9 weeks early. 4 weeks later, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. My self-therapy in learning to fully embrace her diagnosis involved designing t-shirts that portrayed Down Syndrome in a positive light. It is from this that my business, designing disability awareness products, has grown.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The comments people make

Have you ever wondered what goes through people's minds when they say the things they do about our special kids?

I have had several over the years. "Did the tests not show it?" What? Are you saying we would have been able to avoid being the parents of our beautiful daughter, who is sitting right here in front of you, if the tests had 'warned' us??

"I'm sure she has a mild form." No, actually she has it in every cell of her body. It is the most "extreme" form there is! Does that make you think any less of her? Cos I don't.

"I'm sorry." What for? Your comment? Better not to say it then!

"They are so loving/happy etc". Who are "they"? My family? Children under 5? Those of European descent? Oh, you mean her Down Syndrome? Whoops, missed that one!

Or, what about today's one? One of the most common ones I have had. One that inspired the following design (which I have yet to upload to Cafe Press). "I know someone who was told her baby would probably have Down Syndrome. They offered her a termination. But the baby was born perfect!" Ummmmm, MY baby is PERFECT! And are you implying that it's a good thing she didn't terminate JUST because the baby was perfect. Like it wouldn't have been such a tragedy if the baby HAD had Down Syndrome...

And this whole line of thinking led to this design as well! I won't be putting it on Cafe Press. It is more just an
expression of frustration at the fact that in Australia 98% of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.


  1. Oh, I think you should put the last one on Cafe Press! I think you'd get some sales for sure. I'd buy one! :)

    That comment about "I knew somebody..." has bothered me a lot! I tried to express why to a commenter once, but she just looked glazed and didn't get it. It does sound like it would've been less of a tragedy (or not a tragedy at all) if the baby DID have Ds and they terminated. Argh!

  2. A friend of mine was a bit concerned about that last one. Simply because she didn't want Samara to have that reflected on her. Which I kinda understand. But as I said to her, one day, she is going to know that people are killing their children because of Down Syndrome. And as sad as that makes me, I hope she will be able to be a voice for those who don't have a voice. Sometimes the only ones who can really have an impact in this areas, are the ones the world tells us are suffering.

    So who knows, maybe I will put it out there. It's not like anyone HAS to buy it!

    If you seriously do want one, I will put it there for you.

    The other alternative I thought of doing was "I am the baby mum's doctors tried to warn her about. Turns out I'm not that scary after all!"

    Oh, and there are UK english and US versions too. (ie mum/mom, mummy/mommy)

  3. Got another design for you
    "I'm the adult whose parents were told not to name because she wasn't supposed to live"